Sw-Faith (Ja-simply Reloaded) adalah Free Joomla 3.7 Template bagi Katakombe.Org yang dikembangkan oleh Sasandoweb.Com berbasis JA-Simpli dari Joomlart.com. Dengan berbagai penyesuaian Layout, Predefine Color Style dan fitur-fitur tambahan lainnya, SW-Faith adalah template siap pakai yang cocok digunakan bagi Website Paroki, Konggregasi atau Website Institusi Katolik lainnya.


Fitur Utama

  • Clean and Fast Loading
  • Fully responsive
  • 2 Premade layouts : Default News  dan Profile Layout
  • 4 Predefine Color Style : Default White, Fransiskan Style, Benediktin Style, Cardinal Style, Conceptionist Style
  • Live theme editor
  • Integrates Bootstrap 2, Font Awesome 4
  • Intuitive admin panel


Dua premade layouts : Default News Layout dan Profile Layout

1. Default News layout

Desain website Portal Berita atau Majalah/Bulletin Online untuk Paroki atau Institusi Katolik lainnya




2. Profile Layout


Customize style for almost elements of the site in real time

easy to customize joomla template

Ease of customization Joomla template

This is truly magic tool to customize style based on pre-defined parameters. You can change font-family, font size, color, logo and so many other things, once you make changes, it is shown in preview window instantly.

Manage positions with ease

manage position

Position Configuration Panel

Managing layout with ease based on the intuitive layout configuration panel with lots of options built-in. You can make the layout full-width or boxed style, enable/disable the main content, configure the right and left column.

Adding scripts via Custom Code panel

manage position

Adding scripts with ease

Instead of looking for coresponding files to add scripts (like Google Analytics) to, you just need to paste the scripts to the fields in the custom code panel.

  • After head: scripts will be added after the <head> tag.
  • Before head: scripts will be added before the <head> tag.
  • After body: scripts will be added after the <body> tag.
  • Before body: scripts will be added before the <body> tag.

New web technologies & optimized code base

The template is built with new web technologies: LESS, Bootstrap 2, Font awesome 4. The codebase is clean and well structured to make the site lighweght and perform well. The customization is easy with intuitive workflow for modifying style, override layouts ... The well structured files/folder system makes it easy for user to find the corresponding files to modify.

The template is still in development process so those features are not finalized, there can be changes but for sure, we are working hard to make it as good as possible with more cool features.