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10 Tips for Underwater Photo Shoot

Under WaterFoto under water b Lukas Takupas - Photograper Kahayalan for Demo Purpose

My brain is officially underwater. Photographically, that is. I see everything in terms of underwater. A friend shows me the gorgeous wedding dress she picked out,

and I wonder what it would look like in a pool. My mother-in-law shows me a new chair she reupholstered and I wonder how well the color would hold up if it got wet. I’ve even made the mistake of approaching a potential model with an opening line of, “Excuse me, how well do you sink in water?” Creepy… I know.

I’ll admit though, starting out in underwater photography was pretty intimidating. I couldn’t afford my own housing, so I built my own, and it actually worked fairly well in the beginning. I was still scrambling in every other aspect though, as I couldn’t find any decent information online that wasn’t primarily geared toward photographing fish or plant life. So starting from scratch, I slowly began exploring the world of underwater portraits… and making every single mistake along the way. If there’s anything I wish I would’ve known in the beginning (besides the fact to never ask a stranger how well they sink in a pool) this would be it.

By : Jenna Martin

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